Truvada And Its Side Effects Related To Kidney

Truvada, primarily used for HIV treatment around the world, has shown some serious side effects including osteoporosis and kidney failure. While the risks related to Truvada have been long known, still there are some people in the USA who are not aware of a safer drug which would have prevented Truvada kidney and broken bones problems.

Truvada Kidney FailureMillions of people taking Truvada were exposed to severe and dangerous Truvada side effects that included broken and brittle bones, osteoporosis, renal impairment and failure of kidney.

Tenofovir disproxil (TDF) is the active ingredient that was used in Truvada. In some Truvada lawsuits, people claimed that Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of the drug, deliberately delayed the release of the new drug so as to extend its patent and maintain its monopoly in the market.

While Gilead Science was postponing the production of the safer drug, millions of patients suffering from HIV infection have to face unnecessarily with problems like kidney failure, fractures and bone density loss.

In this course of time, FDA has given warning to Truvada for twice, fining Gilead Science for incorrectly advertising Truvada as non-toxic and keeping people unaware of its side effects.

Truvada AttorneyHigh-authority people from Gilead Sciences are facing serious questions concerning their development and release of TAF, the safer drug. It seems ridiculous that the company would knowingly delay the release of TAF to gain profits.

The only means left for the families who suffered due to this dangerous drug was to file a lawsuit for Truvada kidney failure or osteoporosis. Filing a Truvada lawsuit can help these people to get compensation for suffering, losses, harm and expense that was related to osteoporosis or Truvada kidney failure.

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