Taxotere Drug Left People With Permanent Hair Loss

There is a wide range of medications that can result in hair loss. For instance, hair loss usually occurs when chemotherapy triggers all rapidly isolating cells—healthy cells and cancer cells.

If you are not going through cancer treatment, your hair follicles split every 23 to 72 hours. But the chemotherapy does it against cancer cells, it also kills hair cells. Within a few months of starting chemotherapy, a person may lose some or complete hair.

However, there are some chemotherapy drugs that lead to permanent hair loss or Alopecia in patients. Taxotere is an example of this. Taxotere, a chemotherapy drug that was prescribed to breast cancer patients, has been found to cause serious side effects including permanent hair loss or Alopecia.

If you are also a victim of Taxotere, you should consult a Taxotere hair loss attorney to receive compensation for physical and mental harm caused by its side effects. Here is the link:

Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit – Taxotere Lawyers

Breast cancer patients who were given Taxotere for the treatment of breast cancer were commenced to believe that the hair would get back after the treatment. But this was only the fake promises.

In fact, Sanofi, the drug manufacturer actually provide incentives to doctors who promoted dangerous Taxotere as the best chemotherapy drug to breast cancer patients. Studies revealed that Taxotere Alopecia was being suffered by approximately 9% of patients.

Sadly, this is a hard truth that hair would never come back, but nothing could be done with this. The only thing a victim can do is to file Taxotere lawsuits against Sanofi, who didn’t issue Taxotere side effects to the patients.

Taxotere lawyers are the only one who can help victims with this subject. Those who had to go through permanent hair loss due to Taxotere chemotherapy drug, just need to find a good attorney that can recover compensation on the behalf of them. To know more about chemotherapy drugs, click here.

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