Do Talcum Powder Causes Ovarian Cancer?

People, especially women who excessively use talcum powder should be aware that they may be putting their health at high risk. As reported by the American Cancer Society if the particles of the talcum powder reach to the ovaries travelling through the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes, it may lead to ovarian cancer.

Studies have shown that the talcum powder used by older women can develop a risk of endometrial cancer. From some years, women in United States have filed product liability lawsuits against companies that manufacture talcum powder.

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All About Talcum Powder

According to the ACS, American Cancer Society, talcum powder is made from talc which is made up of three elements: silicon, magnesium and oxygen.  The powder has a tendency to absorb moisture, which helps a person to keep the skin dry.

Talcum Powder Defects

As stated by the ACS, there are mainly two groups who face the potential risk of cancer from talcum powder:

  • First, people who are exposed to talc particles as the part of their jobs, for instance talc miners. These people have the chances of developing lung cancer as a result of breathing in the particles.
  • Secondly, women who frequently use talcum powder in their private parts may develop ovarian cancer.

Women suffering from ovarian cancer caused due to talcum powder should know about the talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits so that they can get the necessary compensation for their losses.

Talcum Powder Causes Ovarian Cancer

According to WebMD, an American organization for reliable health and medical news, there are more than 20,000 women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year in US.

Medical experts have not yet confirmed about a direct connection between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, but at the same time, they have told that women who are worried about the potential cancer risk should stop using talcum powder.

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