Why Plastic Pallets Are Good Choice?

Durability, consistent support, and a finely formed plastic pallet design provide a more stable environment for shipping and storing your products, thereby reducing product damage.

They will not bend, twist, flake, chip, rot or rust from time to time, all things that can affect the integrity of wood pallets and ultimately endanger the safety of your product if it fails.

There should be no nails or boards to handle which can also cause product damage. You can buy high-quality export pallets at https://www.palletsexpress.com.au/export-pallets.html.

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Plastic Pallets are available in USDA /FDA approved materials, making it ideal for food presentations.

Most chemicals, acids, solvents, salt sprays and the like will not interfere with their integrity and they do not absorb moisture; support the growth of fungus, fungus or fungus; or accommodate mice or insects.

It’s delicate and sometimes open designs make it easy to clean and sanitize, reduction of work injuries, light and easy to handle. There are no splinters, or broken boards to handle that can cause accidents and/or injuries.

Low-cost export pallet, plastic pallets are approved for use abroad which prohibits wooden pallets due to insect problems. They are a cheap alternative to fumigated wooden pallets which are expensive, time-consuming, and do not guarantee goods will be accepted.

They eliminate expensive delays in customs because of possible rejection of wooden pallets. Plastic Pallets are available in a smooth and contoured design making it perfect for Point of Purchase (POP) Display for products and much more aesthetically beautiful in the eyes of customers.