Permanent Hair Loss- A dangerous side effect of Taxotere Drug

Hair loss is one of the common side effects of chemotherapy drug known as Taxotere used for treating breast cancer in women. This side effect slowly became one of the universal sign among the breast cancer patients.

Studies and research have proven that hair loss due to chemotherapy is a temporary one and the patient can expect the hair grows back once the treatment ends.

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However, the patients never got their hair back after getting treated with drug Taxotere. Taxotere Hair Loss was one of the dangerous side effects that affected the breast cancer patients mentally and emotionally.

Women who suffered from chemotherapy hair loss have stated that, even though they recovered from cancer, they did not make full recovery due to the permanent hair loss and baldness.

For women, hair loss is connected with the lower self-esteem, decrease in confidence, depression and other emotional concerns.

The psychological cause due to hair loss affects both the genders, but women are the ones who are the hardest hit. Women complained that hair loss has left them self-conscious, unattractive and crippled.

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One of the sufferers of hair loss state that, hair loss without a warning is unjustifiable, and legal actions will be taken against the manufacturer Sanofi.

Let us check out what do Taxotere lawsuits state?

  1. The manufacturer of the drug knew or should have known about the side effect alopecia and should have provided proper warnings.
  2. Did not test Taxotere drug adequately to determine the risks.
  3. The manufacturer was neglectful about the design, manufacturing, and marketing of cancer drug Taxotere.
  4. A lawsuit against the manufacturer to sell an unsafe, defective and inherently dangerous drug.
  5. It was the duty of the manufacturer to create a drug that was not dangerous when inhaled or intended.
  6. The manufacturer should provide a compensation amount because of the medical, psychological loss.