Know what Is Dual Diagnosis

What if a person's mind jumps from one thought to another, or he is not able to assess the difference between reality and hallucination? What would you call it if someone has a feeling of numbness and experiencing social withdrawal?

Perhaps, the person suffers from a mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, or mental condition impaired. The coexistence of the two types of disorder – substance abuse and any mental illness – known as dual diagnosis.

The severity of the disease ranges from mild depression to manic episodes, along with any kind of substance abuse. If you or anyone in your family is facing these issues then you should browse about dual diagnosis recovery centers via

Causes of dual diagnosis

A dual diagnosis of mental disorder characterized by the presence of living with substance abuse. This is a debatable topic that an individual with a particular type of genetic profile are more prone to mental illness caused by drug abuse. Subscribe entirely on the fact that the patient's mental condition worsens drug is also not recommended. At times, the following circumstances can also trigger a dual diagnosis:

  • A teenager develops a mental illness that may lead to drug addiction.
  • about 70 percent of schizophrenia patients resort to smoking to bring a sense of tranquility.
  • The use of stimulants in patients with mental illness causes sleep disorders, anxiety and manic attacks.
  • Help depressed patients taking drugs that give them a high and a feeling of wellbeing.

Hallucinations can be business as usual with patients addicted to methamphetamine.