Get Lip Enhancement For Beautiful Lips And Smile

The sign of good health, beauty and youth should have a pump and fuller lips. There are large numbers of ways in which your lips can be enhanced. If carried out correctly, the surgical procedures for this enhancement can plumb your lips for months.

For more permanent enhancement solutions, you can go for surgical procedures such as implants. You can easily get lip enhancement, fillers & injections in Melbourne by Dr. Theva

Lip enhancement procedures

If your lips are thin and disappear when you smile then you should consider different lip enhancement procedures. Depending on your aesthetic goals and recovery time frame, your lip enhancement surgeons will offer you various options.

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Many surgeons recommend two or more lip enhancement procedures in order to achieve a perfect look for you.

1. Surgery-lip lift

For the purpose of increasing your upper lip, an incision is made by the surgeon under the nose and the skin. The skin is shortened by the surgeons by using surgical procedures, to pull up the lips. A small incision is precisely made on the side of the mouth and the extra skin is removed.

2. Injections – fat transfer

Sometimes, doctors recommend fat transfer for lip enhancement Canberra. In these procedures, the fat from your own body (autologous) can be taken via liposuction from another area of your body.

Autologous fat is then injected into your lips. Under the supervision of qualified surgeons, the injections are repeated until the desired lip is achieved.

3. Surgery – lip implant

For efficient lip enhancement, surgeons can insert lip implants through small incisions made at the corner of the mouth. Your surgeons can suggest to you about many natural or synthetic implants options.

4. Surgery-dermal graft

Surgical procedures that make use of dermal grafts are considered a permanent method of enlarging the lips. This procedure is combined and accomplished by surgically moving lips forward with very small incisions placed inside the mouth.