Essure – Is It An Effective Option For Permanent Birth Control?

A woman’s life is lot more different than a man. A woman has to undergo lots of hormonal changes, so do a man but the changes occurring in a woman’s body are quite different and these changes opens the door of her coming future.

What we are trying here to explain is that hormones have many important effects on women’s health. Estrogen and progesterone are the well known hormones since they are directly related to women’s reproductive health, from menstruation to pregnancy to menopause and more.

These hormones aid a women in leading her life in a better way in terms of a wife and further as a mother.

complications essure

BUT….After crossing all the stages, a certain stage comes where a woman starts feeling that her family is complete now and there is no need of any other addition of a new member in her happy nest of birds. That is the time; she can take decision for permanent birth control.

In fact, in this present era people want to lead a smooth life with small family and less responsibilities so that they can save for their future also. This is one of the major reasons why women came forward and decided to go for permanent birth control options.

Seeing the enthusiasm of such females, “Bayer” launched a device named ESSURE, a device for permanent birth control. But, it didn’t work, lots of women had to face lots of health related sever complications; you can read about all the Essure complications associated to it from various web sources.

Essure was intended to deliver women with permanent birth control. Essure is a small device which used to be inserted through the vagina and cervix into the fallopian tubes. The process was used to be very simple, no skin incision or general anesthesia was required.

But, this device failed, because in the year 2002, it was approved as a “high-risk” medical device by various Government authorities of various countries.


The manufacturer of Essure device, “Bayer” claimed that over 750,000 women have chosen to receive the Essure device implants, rather than opting for old-style sterilization options like tubal ligation or copper T.

After these allegations, lots of women came forward and claimed for lawsuits, you can read reviews and news about the Essure lawsuits and how many higher authorities have different countries have banned this device in their countries.

While claiming for lawsuits, women from around the world have mentioned that the Essure implants have caused them unbearable pain, irregular bleeding, migraine headaches and a host of other severe side effects as well.

Hope you find this article helpful and you will become alert from such technologies that can prove to be lethal for your life.